Do you need an editorial for a blog?

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First of all, proofreading always pays off. I do not know any text, no matter how good, that would not have been improved by a copy-editing. Even with a flawless text you can always polish linguistically.

Anyone who has worked with a lecturer knows this and above all appreciates it. Of course, the polish costs a bit, and very few bloggers have budgeted for the editing of their blog articles. So what do you do?

Should I have my blog articles proofread?

It depends.

First of all, keep in mind that your blog articles are your calling card, at least as long as you have not met someone in person. There are readers who infer from the number of mistakes in a text on the professional qualities of the author. Especially if blog articles contain noticeably many spelling and grammatical errors and / or are bumpily formulated, this can have a negative effect on the prospects of success in the acquisition of readers or customers.

Therefore, my advice: the more uncertain you are in spelling, grammar and in the formulation, the sooner you should consider a review. If you can not understand yourself linguistically, then let’s try a copy of a blog article on a trial basis. After that you know more!

How much does a copy of a blog article cost?

I can not give you a clear answer to that, because it depends on a number of factors: the amount of corrections, the (standard) price of the lecturer and, last but not least, the question of whether he will charge a surcharge for small orders.

The latter is usually the case and makes the editing of an article from the point of view of the blogger to an expensive affair (especially since he writes in the best case, several articles per month). There is, of course, one solution to this problem: sending a lyrics blogger to an editor at once will make the whole thing much cheaper for you!

Tips on keeping the cost of proofreading low

Discuss with the editor how you can work together to make the editing process affordable for you. Do you realize that the price becomes even cheaper,

the larger the amount of text you send to your editor. It’s a good way to write several articles in advance for your blog and have them proofread all at once. Of course, if you have been blogging for some time, you can also have the old blog articles gradually proofread.

the simpler the processing of the proofreading is (number of e-mails, accounting, etc.).

Also clarify whether you want to proofread Word files or whether your editor should work directly in your content management system. Especially in the beginning it makes sense in my opinion, if you see the corrections, because then you can learn from your mistakes.

My conclusion

A professional proofreading always does the quality of a blog article.

Have a test copy of a blog article and then decide whether you want to work with a lecturer in the long term.

And last but not least, keep in mind that proofreading has nothing to do with “read once”. A reputable editor reads your text at least twice. He corrects every mistake, gently smoothes out stylistic bumps and even sometimes transposes whole passages of text. This is a time-consuming job. With one to two hours per article, you should count (again, of course, depending on the length and quality of the text). For this purpose, you then put a blog article online, which not only offers your readers added value in terms of content, but also satisfies the highest linguistic and formal demands.

Price example

At the moment we can not look after bloggers in the writing workshop. We are busy with large book projects and the care of regular customers. So that you get an insight, which costs an editing by the writing workshop, so you have at least a concrete price example, here are my bases for calculation:

We work with a set of 8$ plus 20% VAT per standard page (a standard page corresponds to 1,500 characters including spaces). If there are many mistakes in the lyrics and the style has to be more strongly intervened in the texts (for example, because the sentences are twisted or long and therefore difficult to understand), the price can also be a bit higher.

For orders under 20 standard pages, a small order surcharge of 70$  plus 20% VAT will be added to self-employed persons or companies.

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