Author: Waylon Scott

Tips for prospective editors

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The job of the editor is easy. A business license is not necessary, PC and desk has each and a website is created today in no time. The opportunity to work from home, in addition to studying or in addition to the parenting, makes the job for many attractive in addition. Making money from the […]

When a two-step proofreading is the right thing for you

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There are always cases in which a two-stage proofreading would be appropriate. By no means all clients, however, it is clear how much they would bring such a review in two stages. Therefore today a few informations! Two proofreading sessions are standard in the proofreading With every normal proofreading, my editors read your text twice […]

Do you need an editorial for a blog?

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First of all, proofreading always pays off. I do not know any text, no matter how good, that would not have been improved by a copy-editing. Even with a flawless text you can always polish linguistically. Anyone who has worked with a lecturer knows this and above all appreciates it. Of course, the polish costs […]

Proofreading: What can friends do, what only editors do?

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From experience, I know that especially self-publishers save when it comes to the proofreading of their text. That’s understandable, because a professional editing costs quite a lot of money and the correction by friends is there a low-priced option. What speaks for a correction by friends, what against? Or in other words, what can friends […]